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Oh Schucks Box Set: It’s Schuster/Here comes UNTAG (DVD)


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Oh Shucks It’s Schuster

King of the South African box office and candid camera prankster extraordinaire Leon Schuster does what he does best in this one-hour collection of some of his funniest set-up escapades. There is the case of the petrol attendant who seems almost to jump out of his skin when a motorist suddenly pulls a rifle out of his boot and starts shooting at a “live zebra” which has just emerged from the bush. A taxi-load of commuters tumbles out of every available vehicle door when the abandoned suitcase they have just picked up on the side of the highway ends up containing not clothes, but a live python. And trainee traffic officers quickly start rethinking their careers when a superior crazily orders them to act like a traffic light. These are just a few of the uproarious hoaxes that Schuster plays on unsuspecting members of the public, well-known sportsmen and South African celebrities.

Oh Shucks Here Comes Untag

Kwagga Robertse owns a farm shop in the fictional Southern African country of Nambabwe and usually cons foreign tourists by pretending to kill a lion, thus earning him the nickname ‘Urumbo’ (Lion Killer) from the country’s natives. Kwagga is upset when the UN sends a platoon of incompetent soldiers with the United Nations Transition Assistance Group (U.N.T.A.G.), to monitor the peace process, and ensure free and fair elections after the Nambabwean War for Independence. The U.N.T.A.G’s American leader, Major Bradick D. Mackay and his second-in-command, Captain Zapman are offered a diamond worth a lot of money in the U.S., and they must pay 200,000 USD to Duan Robertse, Kwagga’s competitive brother trying to buy a farm left to them by their dead father.


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